BELLE Decorating Shefford - Vallos commercial painting Shefford
BELLE Decorating Shefford- Vallo's Barber prep commercial painting
BELLE Decorating Shefford - Vallo's barber sanding

Vallo’s Barbershop, Shefford

Vallo’s Barbershop, situated on Shefford High Street at the heart of this vibrant town, went through an incredible transformation. The worn-out woodwork was restored meticulously, unveiling its intricate details and unparalleled craftsmanship. Through rich hues and a flawless finish, the shopfront now brings new life to the business. Check out the accompanying photos to witness the dedication and expertise that revitalised this  bustling barber shop. Discover the charm and quality of Vallo’s barbershop in Shefford today!